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Special chemical products

Functional Masterbatch
Product Characteristic TDS (When you put it into your website) Download
glass fiber reinforced Nylon Improve the fluidity of Nylon, especially for
glass fiber reinforced Nylon
High glossy and viscosity
reducing masterbatchGL-121
PO film Replace PPA,very low dossage.Improve the
fluidity and remove sharkskin
Polyolefin Polymer Processing
Masterbatch DCC-6312PE
PP Nonwoven Fabric Easy dispersibility,Super weather resistance. Weather Resistance Masterbatch
LS-133W for PP Nonwoven fabric
Thermal Sublimation Inkjet Ink
Product Color Application Area Characteristic Download
ROYALJET DS C.M.Y.K Classify by application/Paper transfer or direct printing for EPSON piezo head printers Bright color, fast drying, very good fastness Optical ink fluidity and printabilit through new type of Epson piezo heads (DX4/DX5/DX6/DX7) Environmentally friendly SC
Water Tracer Treatment Agent
Product Cas No. Application Area Characteristic Download
PTSA (1,3,6,8-Pyrenetetrasulfonic Acid Tetrasodium Salt) 59572-10-0 Tracing agent for water treatment Eco product, high fluorescent SC
Calibration Standard Classify by application/Plastic Sheet
Product Equipment Download
Calibration standard Classify by application/Plastic sheet C40 Impact property test equipment SC
Calibration standard Classify by application/Plastic sheet E13 Tensile property test equipment SC
Calibration standard Classify by application/Plastic sheet MFR MFR,MVR test equipment SC
Auxiliaries for Classify by application/Plastic
Product Application Area Characteristic Download
Dripping and anti-fogging agent B8203 Classify by application/Agriculture film coating Fast dripping and long term
durability of anti-fogging effect
PET(PETG) tackify toughening agent All PET(PETG) products.
Virgin PET,recycle PET
Increasing viscosity,the toughness without
the loss of transparency. Small dossage.
Anti-reflection Brightener All transparent polymer Small dossage,eco product. SC
Classify by application/Plastic processing additive DCC-P214 PP,especially for talcum filled PP system Improving the fluidity significantly SC
Dispersing Impact Modifier for
Polyolefin Polymer DCC-6100
PP, especially for talcum
filled PP system, toughening PP
Better effect comparing with POE.
Improve the toughness and dispersibilty
Auxiliaries for Coating
Product Cas No. Application Area Characteristic Download
64359-81-5 Coating, Classify by application/Plastic.subsitute Tin compounds. High effect on anti-corrosion,anti-mildew
and anti-algae, safe to human being
Dispersant and adhension
promoter for
powder coating-DCC 6404
  Thermoset powder coating system
(epoxy, epoxy/PET)
Excelent levelling property,improve
the boiling resistance,toughness and dispersibility
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