Digital Printing Solution

2021-02-01 10:49

In order to improve printing efficiency and reduce waste, DCC provides customers with new digital printing solutions, which are more accurate and faster than traditional printing, and effectively reduce waste and pollution.


To actively respond to the country's environmental protection requirements, many printing factories have slowly begun to use digital printing machines to replace traditional screen printing, and digital printing has also been strongly advocated by the country. The printing paste used in traditional screen printing will produce a lot of pollutants: sewage, toxic gas and toxic pigments, etc., and digital printing solves this pain point, without any pollutants that pollute the environment, and high printing accuracy , The colors are more gorgeous.


Digital printing is a systematic project involving cutting-edge technologies such as CAD technology, network communication technology, precision machining technology, and fine chemical technology. It is a product of the integration of information technology with traditional technologies such as machinery, textiles, and chemicals. The emergence and successful application of digital printing technology is undoubtedly a major technological revolution in the textile industry. It is of milestone significance. The economic and social benefits brought by digital printing will have a profound impact on the global textile printing and dyeing industry. Like previous industrial upgrades and changes, the emergence of new digital printing technologies is both a challenge and an opportunity. DCC will work with partners to seize the opportunity in the upcoming changes.

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