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DCC Image Management Course

2020-12-30 13:56

On December 29, 2020, we invited Miss. Qiao An from Qiao An Art-FamilyCEO to carry out an image management course at DCC, and guided our female colleagues in the clothing matching and image design in life and workplace.


Teacher Qiao An had a cheerful conversation with colleagues on color matching, hairstyle enhancement, scene conversion, and clever use of accessories, and "reformed" the image of colleagues on the spot. Everyone has improved their aesthetic ability, gained a new understanding of image management, and promoted the understanding and feelings among colleagues during the activity.






Just like Family CEO's philosophy: We often talk about a sense of belonging, whether in the workplace or at home, with a sense of belonging, there is a kind of strength called stability, peace, warmth and happiness. DCC hopes that every employee can find a sense of belonging here and find stability in this big family.

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