KN95 MASK Solution

2020-05-27 14:16

In response to covid-19, and to continue to protect our bodies from viruses and dust, DCC has invested in and produced KN95 masks to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.
KN95 is a Chinese standard mask, derived from the Chinese national standard GB 2626-2006 "self-absorption filter respirator for respiratory protective equipment", which is a mandatory national standard in China. KN95 mask is currently one of the highest protective masks produced and sold in China.
The KN95 masks invested and produced by DCC take the best quality melt blown cloth as the production raw material, pay attention to quality control in the production process, and strictly carry out aseptic disinfection in the process of electret treatment. Therefore, the test results of our KN95 masks are higher than the national standard GB 2626-2006. The majority of customers can rest assured to use them.


Our Products:


Product name: KN95 common protective mask

Product specification: 155mm*105mm

Standard: GB 2626-2006 EN149:2001 + A1:2009

Hygienic standard: GB15979-2002

Product structure: the product is made of cover body, nose clip and mask belt

Date of production: see from Certificate of quality

Storage method: it is recommended that the storage condition humidity is less than 80% and the room should be clean with good ventilation


Our Testing Report:


Our production lines:




Package of our products 



Bag specifications:10PCS+ Specification+Certificate

Packing size: 620mm*410mm*230mm

Number of packages: 500pcs(no boxes)


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