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DCC Jeju island tourism in 2019

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The annual corporate travel event is the most anticipated time for colleagues. From August 23, 2019 to August 26, 2019, all employees of the company and some of their family members visited Jeju Island, South Korea. After the tension and busy work, colleagues get physical and mental relaxation.



Jeju island, the largest island in South Korea, is located in the southwest sea of South Korea, the island climate is pleasant, is a famous tourist island. Jeju island was designated as a world natural heritage site by UNESCO in 2007, known as "Hawaii of Korea", the island has always been famous for its beautiful scenery and delicious food.



Jeju island is popular with tourists because of its beautiful island scenery. At the same time, many scenic spots have become the shooting places of popular Korean dramas, so they are more popular among tourists. On this trip, we visited all the popular scenic spots on the island, including Seongsan Sunrise Peak, Sopjikogi, Occasionally Town, etc., we were all amazed by these scenic spots.



In addition to the natural scenery, the cultural scenic spots on the island are enough to attract people. In order to attract tourists, there are various museums on Jeju Island, including The Hello Kitty museum, The Teddy Bear museum, The Automobile museum, The Chocolate museum and so on, all of which have become a good place for us to stroll.



Besides enjoying the beautiful scenery, the food is the focus of this trip. Accustomed to Ningbo's local cuisine, occasionally experience the local Korean specialties, which is not only a rare taste experience, but also can have a deep understanding of the local food culture.





Although the trip to South Korea was short, we still felt the richness of the trip and the joy of the mood. In the group trip, we also enhanced the feelings among colleagues, especially the mutual help among colleagues, which was touching and profound.


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