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Expand the training in the spring,in 2012

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At the first stop of the spring, we expand the training at the scenic discuss hill, enhance our team cohesion and collaboration capabilities. This activities to real CS as the main body, each colleague, in the bright camouflage, met the "soldiers" dream, let our immersive experience yearning for a long time to "fight" scenario.


Gallant soldier's picture









Training before "combat", correct shooting movements, severe physical training








Don't be afraid. We'll cover for you.Come on, you're the best




The scene of fierce "fighting" is full of well-trained "professional soldiers".




At the end of the battle, all the soldiers took a photo

I often hear people mention the three most precious emotions in today's society: schoolmate ,

comrade-in-arms, colleagues .All the colleagues of DCC have added "war friendship" on the basis of their former colleagues' affection, which is believed to be more harmonious and tacit in the future work.

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