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DCC held mid-year meeting and stockholders' meeting in 2019

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    JianDe FuChun KaiYuan Grassland Village Hotel is along the widest coast of FuChun River, the hotel has a vast field of vision, owns more than 200 acres of forest land. Living in this hotel, all the year round is full of green, fresh air, quiet environment, as if in the quiet forest, so it is known as "The top ten of country's hotel."

    On July 5, 2019, after a four-hour drive, the mid-year meeting and stockholders' meeting in 2019 of DCC was held in JianDe FuChun KaiYuan Grassland Village Hotel. The reason why we choose this hotel is that we hope all our colleagues can have a chance to relax and enjoy the nature after the intense and busy work. On the another hand, it also shows the satisfaction of the company's achievements in the past year and the confidence of it is future development.



    At the beginning of the meeting, Ivy(head of purchasing department) and Allen(head of sales department), introduced the general situation of procurement and sales of the company in 2018. Then the head of each sales department introduced the specific sales details such as sales products, major customers and sales revenue of each department in 2018. Through their introduction, we have a clearer understanding of the company's operation. In 2017, due to the fierce competition in the market environment and the adjustment of the company's internal organizational structure, the company's performance declined. In 2018, with the joint efforts of all employees of the company, sales revenue and sales profit reached a record high, which is something all employees of DCC should be proud of.



    A group of excellent new blood joined in the company is the the biggest highlight in 2018. Jenny、Ruby、Jacky and Lisa, under the training and help of the sales managers of each department, and combined with their own study and efforts, have achieved remarkable sales performance. In this meeting, they Shared their working experience with everyone and set a more long-term working goal, which won the applause from the audience.

    At the end of the meeting, Alex, chairman of the company, made a summary speech. He fully recognized the efforts of all of us in the past year, and also thanked for the outstanding performance of the company in the past year. In this meeting, Alex reiterated the corporate culture and corporate mission, and expressed his determination and confidence to become a world-renowned chemical enterprise that provide professional products and services.

    After the meeting, it is everyone's leisure time. Among the green mountains and rivers, facing the vast FuChun river, some people are boating on the river, some people are walking in the mountains, and some people are sitting in the courtyard, they are all enjoy themselves……






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