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DCC“Full crab feast”in Mid Autumn Festival 2018

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The Mid-Autumn festival, which falls on the 15th day of August every year, is a traditional Chinese festival equal to the Spring Festival. In traditional memory, the Mid-Autumn festival is the day for family reunion. On this day, the whole family gather together to eat moon cakes, enjoy the bright moon and taste osmanthus wine. With the development of diet culture, the traditional Mid-Autumn festival has been given new significance. It is the time that chrysanthemum is fragrance and hair crab is fat. Thanks for Alex, who arranged the “Full crab feast”, so that we can tasted the delicious food of the season. During this traditional festival, all employees of the company have a reunion, and feel the warm, lively and positive corporate culture of DCC.



The "whole crab feast" is arranged in Shangyan, which is a fine restaurant with local characteristics of Ningbo and receives the general consumer's high praise.




This dinner coincides with the birthday of Dream, a colleague of our company. We specially prepared a birthday cake and gave our sincere wishes to Dream before dinner. Dream felt excided when she faced this unexpected surprise.



Fat hairy crabs come on stage, teasing everyone's taste buds in a big way, and doubling everyone's appetite.




During the break, my colleagues raised their glasses and gave each other sincere wishes and gratitude.






Finally, the DCC Mid-Autumn festival "full crab feast" in a happy ending, each of my colleagues was impressed and amazed by this different Mid-Autumn dinner party. In this traditional reunion festival, all the staff of DCC wish all our friends good health and good luck in everything!


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