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New Year Celebration Party 2015

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  On Jan 24th and 25th 2015, two weeks before the Spring Festival, DCC company held our annual celebration party in Si Ming Mountain Areas. The beautiful landscape and mysterious old village there attracted us at the first sight , we experienced breathtaking Valley Crossing and and fierce Run Man Game in day time. At night we had our hearty and special company reunion dinner in the valley bar . With this way we said good-bye to one year’s busy and intense work,relaxed and purified both our body and mind, which enabled us to welcome the new year with the best state.




  21 Tasks in the whole cross game, everyone is a tremendous test to one’s courage and willpower. It’s even terrifying to look down the deep pool under feet.



Side by side crossing the river

Funny games

dinner party


  In a happy voice and laughter, the 2015 tri-color chemical New Year extension activity ended successfully. In the New Year, all the staff will be dedicated to the new work with high morale, adding new color to the development of the company.