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Maclehose Trail--Self-challenging2017

2018-07-04 12:30

  Maclehose trail is a famous hiking trail in Hong Kong. The line, which began operation on 26 October 1979, is 100 kilometres long and is divided into 10 segments. On March 14, 2017, under the leadership of present Ni, some employees of DCC challenged Maclehose trail on foot, as a starting point for the New Year's journey.



A memory before you leave

The scenery during the journey is worth stopping for many times

Write DCC legends everywhere you go


  In just one day, though, the 100km route will not be completed.But it was a precious and meaningful memory for colleagues involved in the event.In the whole process, we have experienced both the rare scenery and the leisure outside the intense work;I also exercised my will in the difficult journey and felt the importance of team support and self-persistence.

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