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DCC Charity Porject with "The Flowers in Mountain"

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  In September 2013, our company established formal funding partnership with The Flowers in Mountain, an NGO dedicated to the volunteer education cause in mountainous areas, we promised to provide regular.

  The Flowers in Mountain is an non-governmental organization established in 2007 by a group of young people who devoted themselves to the volunteer education causes in Sichuan, Shanxi, Guizhou Province, the purpose of the organization is to help more students there to receive better education. Till July 2013, 850 students there have benefited from their project and more than 10 school there has been improved on both hardware and software condition.

  We began to know and donate money to The Flowers in Mountain from last year. From our interaction ,we are impressed deeply by their firm spirit and persistent activity, that's the reason we decide to be their support partner for long term. For us, to participate in the charity do not only mean to donate money, we focus on the actual help we can give to those children,and our biggest harvest is to see those children growing up happily.


volunteer teacher

  We take the charity effort as our social responsibility and also a very important part of DCC culture. We believe that will guide our staff to be have more responsibility, sympathy,and competitiveness.

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