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Work Summary Conference of 2014

2018-07-04 12:30

  On January 23th,2015,the DCC company held the work summary conference of 2014 with all staff attending.


  On the conference, leaders of different department made report on the work of 2014,analyzing the progress and shortage of the department and putting forward the development plan of 2015.



  Mr He made an in-depth analysis of the overall market situation over the past year



  Ivy analyzed and summarized the company's product sales and business development in the past year



  Allen Lin, our excellent young staff was sharing his working skills to all.


  Alex Ni, Director of DCC made a summation for the conference, he began with an appreciation to everyone for the whole year’s conscientious performance and then evaluated highly the achievement of company in 2014 , which gave him confidence about the new year. He encouraged us to continue upgrading every important link of work, deepen the cooperation and resources integration between teams continuously, which make access to further success and enable us to create more value for our customers.





  After the meeting, all the staff and some of their families went to DanShanCIshui in Yuyao for a leisure travel. In the intense work, under the comfort of spring sunshine and the relaxed atmosphere reflects the DCC family warmth and harmony.



  The final group photo brings the year of 2014 to a successful end and opens a new journey of 2015.

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