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Name : David Jiang
Position : Director (Management Department),Coporate shareholder
Join in DCC: since Apr of 2011.
Main Language : Chinese, English
Personal introduction :
I have a rich and extended working experience with clients in the pigment and coating sector.With a deep knowledge of product application marketing and sales, principally with clients in the masterbatch and plastics industry. I hope my service can bring value for you.

Contacts :
Tel : 86-574-27862739
Cell phone : 86-15869372185
Email : [email protected]
Skype : david_jky
Whatsapp : 86-15869372185
Name:Jenny Jin
Position : Sales Manager
Language : Chinese,English
Self-introduction : Worked for a well-known chemical company in Ningbo since 2009,and joined DCC Group Corporation in 2018. Targeting all colorant fields and intermediate customers, including plastics, coatings, inks, and textiles.

Cell phone : 86-13566630032
Tel : 86-574-27862968
Fax : 86-574-27862092
E-mail : [email protected]
QQ : 437049927
Position: Sales Manager
Join in DCC: Since Nov of 2019
Main Language: Chinese, English
Personal Introduction: Worked in Export trading for long terms, be honest and responsible to customers. Hope to supply satisfied products and services to you.

Skype: wuyijunjacky
Tel: 0086 574 27862132
Mobile & Whatsapp:0086 13777250036
Fax: 0086 574 2786209