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Name:Reggie Liu
Position:Head of Sales department 2, Corporate shareholder
Date of Join DCC :10/July/2011
Main Language:Chinese, English
Personal introduction:
Reggie accumulates rich working experience by years sales service to some famous master batch, Inks producers and dyeing houses.
Wish to provide you qualified products, application guide and best service !
Main Business:
Pigments, solvent dyestuffs and additives for Plastic master batch;
Textile dyes;
Pigments for Inks. Main Markets :Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, U.S.A, Latin American,North Africa

Tel:+86 574 2786 2710
Cell phone:+86 139 5786 5441
Email: [email protected]
Skype: reggie198912
Wechat:1395786 5441