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Центр контроля качества

Наш центр контроля качества находится в промышленном парке Сяошань, оборудованном передовым техническим оборудованием, включая литьевое формование, ...

Ведущее развитие с технологиями


Большинство продуктов компании являются экологически чистыми и соответствуют различным международным сертификатам, включая регистрацию...

Enhancing reputation with


Мы стремимся улучшить международный имидж химической продукции Китая с помощью наших услуг и профессионализма.


DCC предоставляет полноцветные красители в соответствии с различными применениями


Краска, покрытие и чернила



Сельского хозяйства




Благодаря большому количеству результатов лабораторных сравнений, мы предлагаем наиболее подходящие цветовые решения для различных областей применения, чтобы удовлетворить потребности клиентов в производительности и стоимости продукта.

Digital Printing Solution
In order to improve printing efficiency and reduce waste, DCC provides customers with new digital printing solutions, which are more accurate and faster than traditional printing, and effectively reduce waste and pollution.
KN95 MASK Solution
In response to covid-19, and to continue to protect our bodies from viruses and dust, DCC has invested in and produced KN95 masks to meet the needs of our customers worldwide. KN95 is a Chinese standard mask, derived from the Chinese national standard GB 2626-2006 "self-absorption filter respirator for respiratory protective equipment", which is a mandatory national standard in China. KN95 mask is currently one of the highest protective masks produced and sold in China. The KN95 masks invested and produced by DCC take the best quality melt blown cloth as the production raw material, pay attention to quality control in the production process, and strictly carry out aseptic disinfection in the process of electret treatment. Therefore, the test results of our KN95 masks are higher than the national standard GB 2626-2006. The majority of customers can rest assured to use them.   Our Products:   Product name: KN95 common protective mask Product specification: 155mm*105mm Standard: GB 2626-2006 EN149:2001 + A1:2009 Hygienic standard: GB15979-2002 Product structure: the product is made of cover body, nose clip and mask belt Date of production: see from Certificate of quality Storage method: it is recommended that the storage condition humidity is less than 80% and the room should be clean with good ventilation   Our Testing Report:   Our production lines:       Package of our products      Bag specifications:10PCS+ Specification+Certificate Packing size: 620mm*410mm*230mm Number of packages: 500pcs(no boxes)  
Textile Solution
In order to reduce customer's dyeing cost , DCC successfully developed series of dyes which can be used to replace following textile dyestuff

Описание компании


является обязательство предоставлять клиентам высококачественную продукцию для глобального предприятия, продукты и услуги компании, связанные с покрытиями, чернилами, пластмассы, бумаги, кожи, текстиля, сельского хозяйства, косметики и других областях.DCC с его профессиональными возможностями контроля качества, строгими корпоративными стандартами, совершенными маркетинговыми каналами и основой производственной базы Китая и Индии для более чем 1000 компаний по всему миру для удовлетворения их потребностей продукции компании.


2018 -11

DCC GROUP COMPANY LIMITED was established in Ningbo, China in 1994.It is a company dedicated to offer quality products to clients worldwide.Our products and services can be applied to Textile, Leather


2020 -12

On December 29, 2020, we invited Miss. Qiao An from Qiao An Art-FamilyCEO to carry out an image management course at DCC, and guided our female colleagues in the clothing matching and image design in life and workplace.Teacher Qiao An had a cheerful conversation with colleagues on color matching, hairstyle enhancement, scene conversion, and clever use of accessories, and "reformed" the image of colleagues on the spot. Everyone has improved their aesthetic ability, gained a new understanding of image management, and promoted the understanding and feelings among colleagues during the activity. Just like Family CEO's philosophy: We often talk about a sense of belonging, whether in the workplace or at home, with a sense of belonging, there is a kind of strength called stability, peace, warmth and happiness. DCC hopes that every employee can find a sense of belonging here and find stability in this big family.


2020 -12

2020 is an unusual year. The COVID-19 epidemic changes a lot of the working mode of foreign trade people. Due to the lack of international exhibitions, customer visiting, largely reduced customer demand and the skyrocketing price of CNY, foreign trading has became one of the most miserable industries in 2020. But DCC people are not decadent, not disappointed. Instead ,we were always adhere to the post, adhere to the customer service and enthusiasm for the cause. Every partner of DCC has been precipitated through this year's tempering, thus becoming more mature and firm. We believe that through the continuous efforts of DCC people and the company's industrial layout, 2021 will be a year of take-off. Here we also wish all DCC partners good health and prosperous career in the new year.


2020 -07

Strolling among green mountains and green waters, listening to cicadas chirping in streams and streams, the two days' activities were full and meaningful enough to leave us a deep impression.We always believe that a good and successful team is not a single individual heroism, but requires the concerted efforts of the whole team, coordinated common wisdom, courage and dedication.....


2020 -04

We firmly believe that in today's world , no individual , enterprise or country can win the virus against battle independently . We have experienced many difficulties before and finally overcame and became even stronger , We believe that we will definitely win this battle in the end .